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In addition to the extensive hiking trails already mentioned, there are also other sporting activities for active guests. The best thing about these is that while doing the activities, you can always admire and explore our beautiful island landscape with grandiose views of the sea, the mountainous landscape on the mainland and the islands of our Croatian Adriatic coast.

To get to know our region better, you can book half-day and full-day trips, for example to the island of Goli and the Zavratnica fjord. There are also trips to our neighboring islands, to the coastal mountains or, as a special attraction, a trip with a fishing cutter for net fishing at sea followed by a fish meal.

Due to the short distance of only 120 kilometers, the Plitvice Lakes are also a real attraction for day trippers. This is the largest and oldest Croatian national park. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979.

Countless events in Lopar have a long tradition. Here are just a few of these festivals: Birth of Mary, The Lopar night, Lopar Carnival, Fishing festivals, Folk ensembles, numerous concerts, Samba festival, Sculptures of Sand Festival and many others.

Festival Of Sand Sculptures

How the sand on the beach does not necessarily serve only to enjoy it, but also as a source of creative inspiration, you can see for yourself in June every year when this attractive festival is held on the popular “Paradise Beach”.

Visit the infamous “Croatian Alcatraz”

Logistically perfectly located and impossible to escape, this uninhabited island named “Goli Otok” is now a tourist attraction but in the past served as a prison for all dissidents of the then regime.

Samba Festival

There are many similarities between our regions and Brazil – passion for football & dance, maintaining the masquerade tradition and of course, the kingdom of sandy beaches. This festival turns our “Paradise beach” into the European Copacabana, at least for a short while !

Explore The Depths Of Our Sea

Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, in Lopar you can get to know the beauty of the depths of the Adriatic Sea & discover the marine species that inhabit it thanks to organized group diving lessons accompanied by expert instructors.

Get to know the rich cultural tradition of Lopar

Loparska night is a festival that has traditionally been held since 2006, and with this cultural event you can get closer to the roots of this region as well as try numerous gastronomic delicacies, and we especially recommend the fish ones !

MITAS 4 Islands & Rab Island Trail

Biking, running or hiking ? We cover all outdoor activities ! The diverse combination of natural beauty of the blue sea, the rugged area and the wealth of forests has enchanted all lovers of outdoor activities – the mountain bike race that connects the four Kvarner islands & the trail race that has been held since 2007 stand out.

Organized excursions

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Visit the former infamous political camps Goli Otok & Sveti Grgur or visit the Plitvice Lakes – the most famous and oldest national park in Croatia !

We especially suggest a trip by Glass boat where you can enjoy watching the seabed in a dry & comfortable place during your trip.