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Sandy Beach Paradise

2 kilometers of uniterupted sand

Explore the famous “Paradise Beach”

22 Natural Sandy Beach

Beaches In Lopar


There is something for everyone in Lopar: A total of 22 sandy beaches line up one after the other and form the unmistakable image of Lopar. In between there are many small, dreamy bays. We recommend a walk along the coast. So you are sure to find your personal favorite sandy beach.

It is not for nothing that Lopar is called the sandy beach paradise. The clean, warm and shallow water invites you to relax. Regardless of whether it is a family with small or large children, young couples or seniors – everyone will find their favorite beach in Lopar, regardless of age and interests. Your sandy beach is already waiting for you, you just have to decide which one it will be: Paradise Beach (Rajska plaža), Livačina, Stolac, Sahara, Podšil, Dubac, Sturič, Ciganka, Siće, Crikvena Dražica, Mel …

With the multitude of stalls, there are of course also some nudist beaches, such as Ciganka and Sahara. Stolac beach is exclusively a nudist beach. Some beaches can be easily reached by car and sometimes with a short walk. The hidden and deserted bays can also be accessed by your boat or a taxi boat.

Paradise Beach

The most popular and well-known beach on Rab is reputed to be one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world and is the center of numerous activities during the summer months.


Right next to the “Paradise beach” with which it shares the bay, under the shade of a pine forest, there is Livačina beach, which is ideal for those bathers who like a more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.


A beautiful natural beach for all lovers of privacy consists of two sandy bays with an unforgettable view of the islet of St. Gregor.


One of the three beaches in Lopar where nudism is allowed is characterized by sand pyramids and other natural formations.


The beautiful sandy beach, named after the world’s most famous desert, is actually the most popular nudist beach in Lopar.


The rocky and sandy soil of this beach is a perfect choice for nudist swimmers – this is a real naturist beach where clothing is not allowed!

Crikvena Dražica

For all those who do not like sand, we definitely recommend visiting this pebble beach located in the south of Lopar !

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Numerous natural beaches and coves as well as crystal clear sea make our place an ideal destination for all lovers of sports activities during their vacation.

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