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The indented coast of the Adriatic Sea does not allow cuttlefish to grow too big, so in our sea you can find smaller specimens that are perfect for preparing black risotto, the gastronomic specialty of these regions !

Kvarner Shrimp

Many will agree that due to its texture and sweetness, shrimp from the Kvarner area, where we are also located, is the tastiest meat among crustaceans. Therefore, this arthropod is an inexhaustible inspiration for Kvarner chefs in creating new gastronomic delicacies in this area.


A species characterized by its specific orange color and poisonous spines – don’t be intimidated by its appearance, under its exterior hides excellent fish meat !


One of the most frequent guests at the family table is known for its rich and filling meat!

Sea bass

This tasty fish is a fast swimmer that is a little more difficult to catch, but if you manage to do it, lightly roast it on the griddle and eat it with chard and potatoes.

John Dory

Its other name is St. Peter’s fish and it comes from a legend that says that the distinctive dark spots on the sides of the flattened, oval body of this fish were created when the apostle St. Peter, hunting her for his next meal.


In addition to being cheap and delicious, sardines also have excellent nutritional value, which is why they are one of the most popular fish in Croatia.

Sea bream

Thanks to its juicy white meat, sea bream has become so valued in gastronomy that fishermen began to call it the “queen of the sea”. It is one of the fish that can be found in the list of ingredients for brudet, a traditional Croatian fish dish.


Her oversized mouth may not make her a beauty of the sea, but the monkfish is a fine fish nonetheless. It is very practical to serve to little ones because it has very little bone, so it is perfect for a children’s meal full of good omega-3 fatty acids.


The Sea Is Our Passion

Our family has been at home in the fishery for several generations.

With our own fishing boat, we catch fresh fish and shrimp directly from the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Would you also like to try our delicious fish and scampi? Come to our beach bar “Bonaca” and ask us on site, we will be happy to help you.